Umbrella Dreams

I find this film inspirational, the voices of young people speaking for themselves, their society and their ideals. The protestors in HK have drawn a fair amount of criticism from those in the West, rather unfair criticism given that it often comes from those living in apparently democratic systems. Personally, these young people give me hope for the future.

Click here to watch Umbrella Dreams


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breathing and sensing human. Learning to observe, learning to write, exploring ideas and thinking.


  1. I agree, very inspiring! It’s nice seeing young adults peacefully fighting for what they believe in. 🙂

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting Cori ! much appreciated. Yes, I encounter far too many people who are far too down on young people these days. I guess if there are problems then they must have learned those behaviours from their elders. However, these HK young people are just so impressive !

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