Sold Souls in The Lanna Kingdom (Free e-book)

My new photo e-book “Sold Souls in The Lanna Kingdom” is available (for free) here:  Sold_Souls

It’s a compressed PDF, so it should load fairly quickly (it’s about 13mb). If you want a full res version, please email me and I’ll send you a DropBox link.

It’s a set of photos, and thoughts, from my recent trip in northern Thailand. I’ve been living in southern Thailand for the last year, but had never visited the north. So, camera in hand I headed for Chiang Mai, and made ‘tourist error #1’ – I fell into the guided tours and backpacker scene. So, I spent my days being shuttled between notional ‘tourist experiences’.

It became a very surreal experience, the industry is set up to give us a particular experience (temples, wisdom, awe, beauty etc). However, on the conveyor belt of tourism you soon fall into a simulacra of the expected experience, the real experience is just one of other tourists.

Despite all this old man harrumphing I did have a wonderful time ! Northern Thailand was very beautiful, and there is clearly a lot to see, do and beautifully relaxing countryside. I will be back there in a few months time, and this time I won’t fall into the tourist trap !

I hope that you enjoy the book, I give it for free as a way of giving back to a community who have given to me so generously.



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  1. Wonderful post and photobook. Thank you for sharing so generously.

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