Shift happens

I decided to link this post as it’s got a sort of politics & sociology content.

Trump Victus

Shifts can be so fast that we don’t see them, or so slow that we don’t see them, or so subtle that we don’t feel them, or so heavy that we are rendered senseless. The certainty is that shifts will always happen.

This used to be the gardens of The British Embassy in Bangkok. It is now a shopping centre. This is no ordinary shopping centre, every shop here sells high end expensive luxury goods. It’s probably the most expensive shopping centre that I’ve ever been in.

Wealth and power has been moving from West to East, from N.America & Europe to Asia. During my 10 yrs living in Asia I’ve been watching this shift, in my head it looks like huge rivers of money flowing across The Urals before spreading out across the Persian Gulf, spreading into a vast delta across India, China and SE Asia. Sure, not everyone…

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