First Impressions Count



Fascinating research into the effect that small changes in facial presentation have on perception of personality attributes. The research cited in Psychological Science uses slightly altered photographs in testing participants response before and after alteration.

The research clearly demonstrates the powerful influence of body language and cognitive constructs on attributions. These are, sub-conscious, involuntary, non-declarative perceptions in everyday life.

I found the differences between images 2 & 4 in this question very interesting. Perceiving image 2 most people stated ‘most likely to be criminal’ whilst for image 4 very few people stated ‘most likely criminal’. Yet there seems to be very little difference between the 2 images. Clearly we are picking up on the very small differences in the images and processing these, at a subconscious level, to make significantly different inferences.

So wha05-misleading-first-impressions-2.w1120.h1120t ?

As we increasingly present our world using images and present ourselves through digital media we should be increasingly aware of the biases we bring to those images. Maybe ?…,


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