Granny …

a beautiful post, I think it applies to us all and our grannys…,


Grandmothers … Grandma or Granny …

I was very lucky to meet my two grandmothers. Well three. I was fortunate to be adopted by a third one.

They were all different and one of them did not speak my mother tongue but she understood me and made me feel so welcomed. Connection knows no boundary or language. I spoke with her in english. Spoken language was not a problem but most importantly emotional language was in abundance.

Grandmothers are so special. They listen, they let their grandchildren do what they want.

At grandmothers we would not misbehave, we would not dare. But we knew we could equally get away with more, like eat chocolate or cakes whenever we visited, regardless of being party time or not.

And then there is the cooking. Grandmothers are just naturally gifted in their cooking!!

Grandmothers are gentle … they are wise and they know…

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