what is life ? – free photobook


lis_church_alleyMy girlfriend Ana and I have spent the last few weeks in Lisbon & Nazare, Portugal. Lisbon’s an incredibly photogenic city of beautiful old windy streets and gorgeous light. Nazare is a breathtaking beach town of long windswept beaches, a little village nestling on top of a rock promontory, and the biggest waves in the world !

Besides making many photos we have also been enjoying the poetry of Fernando Pessoa. So, we decided to join the two passions together and make a photobook of selected quotes and photos.

The pdf below (named ‘what is life?’) is a collection of our favourite photos from Portugal and our favourite quotes from Pessoa’s poetry. We give the photobook to you for free. Enjoy looking and reading as much as we enjoyed making the images and the book.


what is life pdf

  • The photobook is best viewed on a tablet, in landscape format.
  • The file is rather large (200mb). I apologise for the size, but I didn’t want to lose the resolution of the shots.
  • Feedback comments and tips for improvement are much welcomed. This is a first attempt at such a project, and learning is always helped by others !



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