nourish your-ish

At the start of each session our yoga teacher asks us to ‘set an intention for our practice today’. Which started me thinking that we should be consciously setting an intention for everything that we do. As we go to school, meet friends for drinks, or go shopping, we should set an intention. I understand that we subconsciously set intentions, but let’s just think about what those subconscious intentions may look like. As I go shopping my subconscious intention might be “I intend to do my shopping“, or as I go to school my subconscious intention might be “I intend to get through the day“. Hardly awe-inspiring intentions.


If we were to consciously set our intentions we would probably set more exploratory and fulfilling intentions. If I consciously set an intention before going shopping it might be “I intend to see the inner beauty of the people in front of me at the checkout queue“, or as I go to school I might say “I intend to improve the self esteem of my fellow learners today“.

We are, to some degree, the sum of our intentions. The more positive my intentions the more nourished I am.

During yoga lessons we often sense the energy of those around us, we work to share positive energy with others in our space. Of course, the sense and exchange of energies happens in all spaces, it is in relation to others that much of our emotional world is lived. However, I increasingly realise that I am in charge of whose emotional states I will be receptive to. I decide who to be synchronous with, and with this power of receptivity I have increasing autonomy of my emotional world.


Where did my frame of synchronous receptivity come from before I took charge ? Most people would suggest that it is the product of past experience. As such, before I took charge, my emotional world was merely a composite of previous selves, and a function of their mourned loss. Now I have taken charge of framing my synchronicity my emotional world is the focus of today’s self.

Look again

As a passive recipient I see the world that I know and expect, my cognitive schema direct my experiences. In my passivity I just see the world that I know, receptive to the expected patterns and blind to the unexpected, novel and innovative. If the new should overcome my defences then I may be dismissive, resistant or even aggressive towards it.


However, I don’t actually want to dismiss the new ways of seeing the world. I need to find the new to experience improvement, I desire new in order to experience greater happiness. So, I must divest myself of the old certainties, and try not to see the obvious patterns.


I’m going to have to set an intention to find new synchronicities to experience my world in a novel way if today is to truly nourish my head, heart and soul.


All photos were shot by me in Bangkok April 2014. To see more of my photos head over to

thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day !


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