California school exit exam prohibits questions on evolution, age of earth, and so on

education is influenced by politics all over the world, this is one of the worst examples of political influence that I’ve seen.

Why Evolution Is True

In the American state of California, there’s an exam called the CAHSEE, or the California High School Exit Examination. To get a high school diploma, students in that state must pass this exam (graduation is at the end of the twelfth grade), demonstrating competence in English and mathematics, and other skills deemed important to succeeding after high school (see the purposes of the test here). As is usual in America, if you fail you get another chance: in fact, you have many chances. As the information page notes:
Students first take this test in grade ten. If they do not pass the test in grade ten, they have more chances to take the test. In grade eleven, they can take the test two times. In grade twelve, they have up to five times to take the test.
Unfortunately, certain areas of inquiry are off limits, even some of…

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