I love Yoga !

I started taking yoga classes 4 months ago. I was a very inflexible, weak and uncoordinated beginner. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and have seen huge improvements in strength, flexibility and mental awareness. The positive effects of yoga are innumerable, and they happen so quickly. I am amazed at how my body and mind have developed due to my practice, I just can’t praise yoga enough !

This article from Psychology Today is a really great summary of scientific evidence of the benefits of yoga. It’s a great read.

If you’re worried about starting yoga then please don’t be, it’s not a competitive sport ! Give it a go, start small, and you’ll soon see many benefits. I tried it from a very low starting point, and now can’t imagine a life without it !




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  1. I agree with you. I have done Pilates , which I quite enjoyed in a groaning and complaining way, but some of those Yoga poses look really daunting

    • I think yoga’s a little more ‘free’ than Pilates, there’s nowhere near as much obsession about alignment in Vinyasa Flow as there is in Pilates. Stay happy on your journey, and thanks for commenting & reading !

  2. crazyguyinthailand

    After seeing that pic I love yoga too

  3. I have been hesitant to try yoga. Am contemplating pilates. well, my doc said I should give it a try since I am too cardio-focused… one of these days…

    • I used to be very cardio focussed, and thought that I had pretty good respiratory health. Doing yoga I’ve found that cardio wasn’t working my core muscles. Those core muscles are worked by just the smallest movements, and their development really helps backache, posture etc In December I ran a half marathon, yet I am still unable to do 30 seconds of ‘superman’ in yoga !

      Give yoga a try, I’m sure you’ll also love it !

  4. I am so interested in trying yoga. It seems a great way to relax and exercise.

  5. Yoga’s going to be my Day 48 “happy” subject…lol. I’ve a friend with PTSD, BPD, and disassociation…he can’t handle meditation yet but yoga is helping him release physical and emotional tension brought on by the myriad triggers he encounters. He got a few books on yoga for emotional trauma and seems hooked, which pleases me no end.

    Thank you for praising the many benefits of yoga. I’m glad it’s enriched your life as it has mine and countless others. Yoga Journal is a wonderful resource. Happy to see the link for it. And thanks again for your comments and likes last night. I was experiencing a crisis of confidence and there you were…just what I needed. Peace.

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