on Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Boats, Koh PhanganDeep Sea Fishing maybe the last honest pursuit of the human, binding us to past hardships and contests. The fisherman faces complex states of the wilderness. Dangers stacked up against him includes unforgiving weather, treacherous depths and the guile of the prey. Standing with him are luck, superstition and the wisdom of the learned. The shared wisdom of these hunters sets fishing communities apart from the domesticated suburban hinterlands of the service based existence of most people.

The fisherman has technology like the rest of us have an oxygen mask on a plane. It may help you, but if you really get into trouble fate will play it’s hand regardless. This knowledge lives in the heart and head everyday for the fisherman. All that stands between familial destitution and familial comfort are the forces of God, the planet and unreasonable probability.

The Deep Sea Fisherman forces us to stare straight at our inadequacies and fears, they are the prophets of the post-industrial world. For some they draw the contrasts of the lived hypocrisy and repressions of all those shielded from nature. As fat, recumbent, sedentary consumers tuck into their nightly cellophane packed diet of domesticated, overbred, overfed farm animals stuffed with growth hormones do we dare to think of the struggle of food ? Human vs prey food on the open plains of our local supermarket ? Or do we retreat into the comfortable life hierarchy in which the cute are saved and the succulent consumed ?

The oceans touch the core of human spirit, human aspiration and human fears. As they surround us on all sides, reminding us that they are genesis, their call is one for the free of spirit and bold of heart. Smaller humans cower inside double glazed, hermetically sealed, thermo-insulated boxes as the fishermen set upon the dark waves of our denial.

Fishing Boats, Koh Phangan


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  1. To lead healthy lives, more in touch with nature, and the nature of ourselves … Really thought provoking. Thank you.

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