I’ve just finished reading Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart, here’s my review from GoodReads:

I see the Atlantic power centre shifting eastwards, and as it does so will many of the cultural references of those who formerly occupied that mid-atlantic space. Absurdistan is very much a novel of the shift.

I found it hilarious, laugh out loud funny, stop people & tell them about the latest funny bit funny. Its characters are often obnoxious, arrogant, self obsessed, gauche and proactively ignorant – their charmlessness is their charm. There are drugs, sex, stereotyping and materialism, but the characters are so incredibly inept at all of these spheres that they are sort of ‘forgiven’ for their ills.

Underlying all of this is a clear and sharp critique of the commercial corporatisation of states, cultures, and the self.

My only criticism is that the book loses it’s way towards the end, it becomes ‘absurd’. However, this does not overshadow the wonderfully bold, fearless and irreverent writing of the piece.

(If you enjoy reading let’s share tastes on Good Reads .Com)


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  1. Sounds fun! Sometimes you just need a funny book. It is great to hear suggestions on funny books that are worth it! Thank you.

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