The meaning of life, in my garden.

I went for a walk in my garden this afternoon, and found the meaning of life.


Skink who lives in the garden

This little fellow was sat on my bungalow step when I returned from lunch this afternoon. Such a beautiful little skink. I wanted a close up photo of him, and slowly moved closer and closer until I got this shot.  He was incredibly trusting of my goodwill towards him. Very little of worth can be achieved without trust.

Stand out from the crowd.


This beautiful Hibiscus startled against the mainly green background. I love the yellow Anther alongside the pink-red Carpel, the contrasting colours of male & female energy. We can only be true to self if we let our true colours shine.

Look behind.


This is the same Hibiscus flower looked at from behind, from here the flower is beautiful in a different way: different colours and patterns. There is so much more to see in this world if we take the time to look behind the front.

Beauty in detail.


This flower is beautiful from afar, but up close we see the detailed lines of purple and violet gently spreading through the white petals. Sometimes we can see even more beauty when we look closely at details.

Working together, supporting each other.

Lily Pads. Baan Tai, Koh Phangan

The lily pads look, to me, like a community, a support network. They help each other, hold each other up and re-energise each other. We achieve so much more by working together than we can on our own.

New truths found in reflections.


Maybe we should all take a little more time to reflect each day, time to consider the ways, whys and wheres of the currents of our lives.

New forms from old.

lamp with creeper

The creeper lives on something made to be a lamp. The lamp is made from wood. A new living plant now finds life on an old dead plant which was initially designed to give light. Sometimes the old has to give way to the new, but we don’t always know what that new form will eventually look like. This is the beauty of exploration and delivery.

The beauty & truth of the past and deceased.

white flowers

The flowers have died, but in their decay there is beauty, in their detail there is truth. As things pass we reflect upon the joy of our experiences with them, the learning gained, and their value to the world.

This will also be our sole legacy in the world.


About danieltrump

breathing and sensing human. Learning to observe, learning to write, exploring ideas and thinking.


  1. It takes a beautiful soul to see beauty in everything! Beautiful post and beautiful photos. Thank you.

  2. Finding the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary requires a very perceptive and open mind with senses fully alert. Extremely thought-provoking, this post has awakened my philosophical side that has been asleep for too long. Thanks for a wonderful message and best wishes for an inspired day 😉

  3. Hi davecenker, many thanks for taking time to read my post. Your time is the most valuable gift that you can give. Many thanks for your thoughtful and insightful thoughts. Let’s keep waking to new realisations.

  4. Very observant and well written. There is a lot truth surrounding us every day. But most of the time we are to busy to see them. Great garden!

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