Parallel Realities

Is it a dentists drill to the cerebral cortex, or more like a screeching cat meeting a screaming toddler ? Jane is shocked to consciousness, and quickly tries to find the snooze button to her radio alarm clock, which reads 6.50am

7.20am. Why can’t the toaster ever brown the bread to just the right degree, it’s always either too burnt or not toasted enough, Jane ponders as she bites into her breakfast.

On the way to the subway Jane considers the day ahead:

A meeting with intransient idiot reps to plan sales to kick the day off. Followed by working on a report for a narcissistic boss who only wants her to reflect his glory. finishing with the delights of a monthly accounts meeting with a group of people with bad breath, bad dress and bad body odour. Oh I hate this corporate treadmill !

Just before descending into the subway hell a chirp from her cell. Her heart sinks when she is forced to take a call from the man that she has been trying to get rid of for the last 6 weeks. He wants to talk about an argument that she started (on purpose) in a restaurant 2 nights ago.

Peter, if you want a heart to heart I suggest that you ring the suicide line” she snaps before cutting the call and hurrying into the depths of the subway system.

At 6.50am Sarah’s phone plays the gentle sound of shingle being washed by the lapping waves. This is my favourite time of the day Sarah muses as she turns to the sun streaming through her window to start her morning yoga routine.

Sarah opens the fridge door. Wheatgrass with Soy shake or Green Tea with Aloe Vera ? such are the beautiful choices that my life affords me she giggles to herself.

Sarah greets a cheery hello to the local Turkish shopkeeper as she veritably skips her way to the Subway station as Katie Meluah flows through her earbuds. Smiling at the New York sunshine she delights in the beauty of the world, and the wonderful opportunities that await her today.

Peter Thomas, 45 year old Senior Accounts Manager, dressed tastefully, but conservatively in dark grey, single breasted suit, light blue shirt, dark blue tie, and black shoes enters the elevator with Sarah and Jane. Together they ascend 72 floors to the offices of MassCon Corp Global Inc.

Jane notices a patch of unshaven stubble on Peter’s left jaw. How can he become a Senior Accounts Manager when he can’t even shave himself properly ? she asks herself. It’s all just face and presentation with him, he’s probably been up all night doing some depraved perverse acts which makes him too tired to shave properly, her imagination runs wild. Janes lips tighten and a scowl furrows her forehead as she passes damning judgement on her colleague.

Sarah notices a patch of unshaven stubble on Peter’s left jaw. He musn’t have a ‘significant other’ in his life she thought, because anyone who kissed him goodbye before work would have pointed out this shaving oversight. She started to feel sorry for him, she’d always noticed that he was such a gentle and calm soul around work, maybe he just needs a little TLC she thought to herself. She resolved to share her soup and a roll with him at lunchtime, and the prospect warmed her from within.


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breathing and sensing human. Learning to observe, learning to write, exploring ideas and thinking.

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