True Blue Eyes

David’s upper lip quivered under a film of sweat as the impeccably dressed stranger confidently picked his way around the sitting room.

“but you David, one of such high office, Her Majesty’s Primus Inter Pares no less, should not be afraid of me” said the stranger.

David stared at the man’s perfect Windsor Knot, and tried to summon an answer.

“I’m not scared, it’s just beyond regulations for you to be here. How did you get in here ? Who are you ? I’m going to call security”.

Before The Prime Minister could move towards the phone he found himself captivated by the smooth, mellow deep voice of the stranger.

“You are already secure David. You ask how I got in here, I have always been here. You ask who I am, you know who I am. At 2am each night you know me, in your anger you know me, in your hate you know me.”

David felt peculiar, it reminded him of the times when he had been shamed by Matron at boarding school.

Sitting down, and confidently crossing his legs, the stranger patted the cushion next to him saying “please come sit with me and observe your soul David”.

When the PM was seated, the stranger continued “Now, David, tell me how you feel, at your deepest point, about your role in this country. Tell me the truth, David, for I know lies, I invented them”.

The PM felt at ease with this question, and reverted straight to the role that he developed with his media handlers.

“Whilst the UK economy may still face certain challenges we are seeing quite remarkable growth in many areas” David confidently started, “our Govt has put in place the apparatus for a strong recovery in the aaagh !” he felt bright flashing pain sear across his shoulders.

On recovering he saw that the stranger had not moved an inch, but was sat smiling sedately beside him.

“When I said ‘no lies’, I meant exactly that. However, I acted with humility, this time. Can you act with similar humility ? start again”.

David took a deep breath, thinking to himself that all things could be denied later on, he started:

“Well, to be honest we’re not entirely sure how to improve the economy”, he started to feel a pain starting again in his shoulders,
“OK, ok” he hurriedly changed tack, “We have no idea what to do about the economy”.

“much better” said the stranger, smiling “now carry on”.

PM took another deep breath, as a picture of his multi-million pound Notting Hill house came to mind,

“and people have to pay for the mistakes of bankers, corporations, and uhm politicians, because big finance calls the shots”. David started to feel a slight sense of relief, helping him to go on.
“I just can’t tell them about the power shift to the Far East, much easier to amuse them with sport and the TV singing competitions. They love their NHS, but we just can’t afford it if we fight wars overseas, but we have to fight wars overseas otherwise we’ll be in a frightful mess with the Americans”.

tears were now rolling down David’s face, but he felt relieved to be finally admitting these things, and so he continued with greater urgency.

“Too many young people want to go to university, we just don’t have the resources to pay for them, and even though the old may have worked hard all of their lives to make this country great we just can’t afford to pay them the pensions that they deserve”.

The confession continued through the afternoon as the stranger calmly reassured David to bare his soul.

As the sun slowly came down over Horse Guards Parade David found he was reaching the end of his journey, in gulping sobs he gasped “I just can’t show people the love I feel for them, and I fear that they may hate me for it”.

The stranger was suddenly standing, silhouetted by the fading sun, calmly he spoke.

“and so David you have now found your inner morality, your sense of purpose.Right and wrong are no longer blurred for you.”

“yes, yes” cried the PM, sitting on the floor slumped against the settee.

“David, how do you feel ? Tell me, what runs in your heart at this juncture ?”

Gasping and sobbing the PM broke down further, trying to get the words out “wretched, scared, ashamed, so ashamed !”.

The stranger took over for him.

“This feeling will never go away, but this is where I can help you David. I can take away your 2am terrors, I can make you happy again, I can erase all remorse and shame”.

“please, please tell me what to do” implored the desperate Prime Minister.

The stranger smiled, and his eyes lit up bright blue. His shining eyes fixated David with their brilliance, beauty and truth.

“Take me into your heart David, I will show you joy, happiness, wonder and light, you will never feel remorse for your actions, only pride and triumph in your victories”.

“is that all I have to do ?”, the PM asked incredulously, “just take you into my heart ?”

“one good deed deserves another does it not ?” replied the stranger, “I will help you now. In return many years from now, when your happy journey is at an end, you will give me your soul, you will live for eternity with me”

Hesitantly David stood. Transfixed by the beauty of those eyes he took the first tentative step towards the stranger who now with out-stretched arms said “come to me David, for your soul is already mine”.



About danieltrump

breathing and sensing human. Learning to observe, learning to write, exploring ideas and thinking.


  1. Absolutely loved the story. The way you describe the emotional state and the emotional dialogue between the two characters got me totally immerse in the story! The end was so good! Your descriptions, use of words and understanding of how you can use this two to evoke powerful messages is very very good! Look forward to keep reading and seeing the already great flourishing of your creative process.

  2. This is great stuff. Full of life, and curiously amusing

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